July 05, 2012

More Bows

Now that I have started buying yarn, I have also been working to find a space for all of the ribbon I have collected over the years.  Here is a picture of the pile before I organized it to store it in a tub.

I made Purdue bows and special red, white, and blue bows for President's Day and a Purdue girls' weekend.  We brought the 3 youngest Boilermakers and had a photo shoot!  I also made the girls tutus. 

Annika, Divya's daughter, born 11-11-11.
Hannah, Martha's daughter, born 11-7-11.
Hannah, Annika, and Lucy (9-5-11).

Christmas Project

I found a project online that I wanted to complete for Ryan and I's moms for Christmas in 2010.  When I didn't make it happen then, I still kept coming back to it for 2011.  It is not a crochet or sewing project, but I fell in love.  Ironically, I borrowed my mother-in-law's Cricut machine, got the paper, and got to work.  It was well worth the time!  Here are some pictures of the process and the finished product.

The paper before cutting it into squares or letters.
Each month's background and letters.
April's egg background and letters.  (The color is not great in this photo.)
An example of the letter with the background.
Finished project for December!
There is a set for each month.  I am even surprised each month when they change them and I see them in the frames.